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While i try to find time for the next full post…. Georgia Tech researchers developing tricorder-like medical scanner Promising cancer treatments of the future Are aliens using neutrinos to contact us? Advertisements

Some random news stories and articles discussing creationism and science. These come pretty much exclusively from the US where such a topic is big news. I fervently hope the same thinking never spreads into Australia and when I cover ‘creationism’ please don’t expect a fair and balanced appraisal because I think it’s total bollocks. I’ll kick off with […]

Electromagnetism. I’ve heard the term a thousand times before now but never really grasped the concept until quite recently. Sure, I know what electricity is and I know all about magnets, but what’s electromagnetism all about and why is it so important? Let’s nutshell it to begin with and go from there. Electromagnetism is the concept that […]

Now i’ve put across those two basic ideas I’ll be getting into some of the interesting stuff I’ve read and heard about, posting stories from the world of science, commenting on life, theorising on interesting historical happenings and generally making bold statements that I hope are at least moderately well informed. What I can promise is that the […]



Models are used to help explain, plan and conceptualise things. For example, the diagram below is an example of the atomic model. It helps explain how we currently think about atoms(at a very basic level). This is only one way in which to conceptualise atoms and can’t explain the whole idea of atoms in one image. […]

I guess the best place to start is a description of scientific method. In a nutshell, scientific method means to question, investigate, test, verify and open to criticism any and all ideas. Science – by extension – is using the scientific method to prove or disprove ideas. Anyone can float an idea but only flogging the hell […]

Hello, my name is Shane and I want to write. I want to write about the basics of everything that so many people seem to get wrong, misunderstand or purposely ignore. A lot of these basics are absolute truths – painstakingly researched over years, decades, centuries and in some cases millenia(sp?) – yet for some people […]