Life, science, reality


Hello, my name is Shane and I want to write. I want to write about the basics of everything that so many people seem to get wrong, misunderstand or purposely ignore.

A lot of these basics are absolute truths –¬†painstakingly researched over years, decades, centuries and in some cases millenia(sp?) – yet for some people they seem to remain a mystery, an enigma. Because these basic truths can become arcane and difficult to understand at face value, many choose to disbelieve or in some cases even actively deny that these truths can in fact be true. Why is this? Why can so many be so ignorant, so lazy, so ready to believe in the easy answer, the comforting answer? Perhaps I can put forward some ideas on that as well.

Enjoy, I have no idea what I’ll add or when but I really, fervently hope that at least one person reads these articles and wants to know more about the real world.


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