Models are used to help explain, plan and conceptualise things. For example, the diagram below is an example of the atomic model. It helps explain how we currently think about atoms(at a very basic level).

Model of an atom

This is only one way in which to conceptualise atoms and can’t explain the whole idea of atoms in one image. What it does do is help clarify what is being put across when someone says that an atom has a nucleus made of x neutrons and y protons that is orbited by y electrons. In reality an atom looks nothing like this and indeed electrons don’t orbit around the nucleus like planets around a star, but it helps you to understand the concepts.

To help explain other facets of an atom there are other models, like the shell atomic model that demonstrates how electrons orbit a nucleus on different ‘shells’. An example of this can be seen at I’ll delve more into atoms some other time.

Of course there are models out there for lots of different things. There are models for biology, physics, construction, programming, mathematics and so on. Some of these represent ideas or concepts that have yet to be proven and may be in the form of equations, other models may be a miniature copy of something very large, yet another may show how something very small – like a human cell – avoids becoming cancerous when exposed to a mutagen. All of these models respresent something and they help explain what it is and how it works in a way that makes sense, at least with a little explanation. And in the case of quantum physics, a few beers.

If i’ve got anything wrong, please forgive me and i’ll correct it later. For now i’m going on holiday to a tropical island!


5 Responses to “Models”

  1. 1 Dave Thibodeau


    Look a little deeper and you will see that the universe to the end and inverse was made. Look deep, not shallow like there are aliens amoungst us, but grander like what kind of a being could design this. Read your Bible and ask God to show you. You will see that all our greatest wisdom is just folly.

    • Thanks for the comment. I couldn’t agree more on your point that the universe is infinitely more interesting and complex than common mass media represents it. On the subject of God however, I was a student of religion for several years when younger and I’m sorry to say that the Bible holds very few useful answers or solutions for real life. To the contrary, it contains a large volume of laws, rules and backward thinking that insult basic human dignity and intelligence. I encourage you to put down your bible and pick up a good science book like Almost Everyone’s Guide to Science by John Gribbin, or Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene.

  2. its realy interesting to all people that is searching the models of atom thank you!

  3. 4 Mary Jane Watson

    Is this the correct one? Who’s model are you drawing from? This doesn’t look scientifically correct.

    • This is one way of representing an atom, one of several atomic models for helping explain how they work. The image included is one I encounter regularly when reading about atomic theory and could possibly be called the ‘standard’ model. If you know more, please post another comment. There are other models of the atom, as mentioned there is a ‘shell-theory’ model for example.

      If you can help clarify anything, by all means add a comment with more details.

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