The scorecard so far


It must be at least once at week I find myself wondering where the hell all those wonderous sciences and technologies we read about in the 90’s have gone. Like a lot of people I find myself a little dissapointed in 2008. Perhaps the hype of the late 90’s affected my subconcious more than I realised, I mean, if you believed in everything you read back then we’d have a cure for the common cold by now; along with basic nanotech, alternative fuels and many exciting advances in health thanks to stem cells and other vague bio technologys. With that in mind I want to visit the areas I once believed would be far more advanced in 2008; explore where they are now, where they’re going, why it’s taking so long and when we can expect something that knocks our socks off. Coming up next…Cancer research – wheres my cure?


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