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Working slowly through my thoughts and feeling regarding humanity, religion, philosophy and reality; I’ve come to a juncture where I can almost identify with a particular school of thought without reservation. I’ve always felt that being an atheist was too bland, too…run of the mill. There is a certain stigma attached these days and the […]

All non-religious people should start thinking about religion really is, what is believes (especially about you) and how to undermine it. I’m not talking about taking on religion with pitchforks and burning guns, that would reduce our cause to their level of retribution and torture. No, what I mean is an active campaign of reason, […],25197,26131264-5006785,00.html A news story I can only describe, quite angrily, as disgusting. Weren’t laws enacted over 30 years ago to abolish this sort of thing? It just goes to show that no matter what religious leaders say, no matter how much they try to water their extreme and backward beliefs down in public – they’re still and […]

In this day and age and despite everything we’ve learned through the marvel of science, why is it that people still continue listening to religious figures on matters of…well anything really? What is it they have to say that’s so different and from where do they command such authority on all manner of subjects? Without a shred […]

I asked someone a while ago whether they believed in God and the answer was a surprising one for our day and age. The answer was ‘I suppose so’. I didn’t think much of it at the time but after some reflection it strikes me as a terrible position. That person had neither the fervent […]

Some random news stories and articles discussing creationism and science. These come pretty much exclusively from the US where such a topic is big news. I fervently hope the same thinking never spreads into Australia and when I cover ‘creationism’ please don’t expect a fair and balanced appraisal because I think it’s total bollocks. I’ll kick off with […]