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It must be at least once at week I find myself wondering where the hell all those wonderous sciences and technologies we read about in the 90’s have gone. Like a lot of people I find myself a little dissapointed in 2008. Perhaps the hype of the late 90’s affected my subconcious more than I […]

Have you ever, while drinking  your 12th beer of the evening, enjoyed a moment of contemplation and wondered ‘what is all this stuff, this…..stuff, made of’? To be imprecise, all stuff in the entire universe is made of…stuff. The same kind of stuff that all other things are made of. This other stuff comes in the form […]

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While i try to find time for the next full post…. Georgia Tech researchers developing tricorder-like medical scanner Promising cancer treatments of the future Are aliens using neutrinos to contact us?

Electromagnetism. I’ve heard the term a thousand times before now but never really grasped the concept until quite recently. Sure, I know what electricity is and I know all about magnets, but what’s electromagnetism all about and why is it so important? Let’s nutshell it to begin with and go from there. Electromagnetism is the concept that […]



Models are used to help explain, plan and conceptualise things. For example, the diagram below is an example of the atomic model. It helps explain how we currently think about atoms(at a very basic level). This is only one way in which to conceptualise atoms and can’t explain the whole idea of atoms in one image. […]

I guess the best place to start is a description of scientific method. In a nutshell, scientific method means to question, investigate, test, verify and open to criticism any and all ideas. Science – by extension – is using the scientific method to prove or disprove ideas. Anyone can float an idea but only flogging the hell […]