Archive for the ‘Uncategorized’ Category I’ve read The God Delusion and had considered reading this one as a counterpoint, or at least for a good laugh. Sounds like pseudo-philosophic rubbish though. Shame. Advertisements

Normal service will resume soon, I’d love to post more but for the last few months I’ve been planning and executing a move interstate. I’m now in Adelaide, SA – looking for a house and a job. Once I’ve settled there will be more articles. Till then, keep thinking!

From the last paragraph of an article by Richard Dawkins… Safety and happiness would mean being satisfied with easy answers and cheap comforts, living a comfortable lie. The alternative is risky. You stand to lose comforting delusions: you can no longer suck at the pacifier of faith in immortality. To set against that risk, you […]

A quantum leap


Just a quick one. People seem to think that a quantum leap is a sudden and large stride forward in a certain field of understanding. Yet an actual quantum leap is a completely different beast; according to John Gribbin in Almost Everyone’s Guide to Science a quantum has two distinct features. When an electron in a high […]



Yes, there’s more to come but I’ve been inundated with interstate work, children’s birthdays, visitors and a social life. The first article in my Scorecard series is being worked on intermittently, when I can find some time away from all the above, and I reckon the completion time will be around mid-September. EDIT: I’m putting the whole scorecard idea […]

Particle zoo!


Man’s destruction of Africa – oh dear All technology can be used for good…or evil Open source cancer research! – er, wow. That’s unexpected. Very welcome, but unexpected.